Earth Friendly

We call our lab grown diamonds ‘Earth Friendly’ for the simple reason that production of these diamonds does not adversely affect the environment around us. Unlike a few other Lab grown diamond jewelers we do not prefer to call these diamonds as ‘Eco-friendly’ or ‘Sustainable’. These terminologies are often fuzzy and cannot be substantiated or proven. The Laboratories that make these diamonds do consume a lot of energy and the jury is still out on whether more energy is used by natural diamond mines or by these laboratories. However, one fact that cannot be ignored is that by digging huge holes in the surface of the earth leads to widespread deforestation and damages the fragile ecosystem around the mines adversely affecting wildlife and surrounding water supply. It is an accepted fact that natural diamond miners need to move 250 tons of earth to get just one carat of polished diamond. Production of Lab grown diamonds does not displace wildlife, plants, or humans. They do not fund human right abuses or violence. They do not contaminate adjoining water tables. They are ‘Earth Friendly’.