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Jewelry, a way to define your inner beauty without words being spoken. Something extremely essential in today fashion-filled world, is your sense of jewelry. The most aesthetic, alluring and dignified trendy looks are uplifted by the jewelry you chose to wear.

Do you still want it to look the same?

If the answer is yes, then you may want to read on. We’ve put together a list of some of our best tips on how to keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as the day you got it!

Before you read on below, one of the most important things to take care is while purchasing the jewelry. Make sure your ring fits you just perfectly to avoid losing them.

1. Wipe after wearing it

Gently wipe down your jewelry after every wear using a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust or dirt, and to prevent build-ups of other substances like creams and perfumes. Try avoiding wearing perfume after putting on jewelry.

One should also avoid wearing jewelry while lying down on the sofa or before going to bed. During workouts and running try to keep your jewelry away. Never wear it while gardening, cooking or any other sorts of physical workouts.

2. Keep away from chemicals

Your new jewelry should be the finishing touch to your outfit – that means putting it on after you’ve applied your make-up and sprayed any hand sanitizers, soaps, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products like moisturizers. The chemicals in these products can damage your jewelry and reduce its shine, so try avoiding letting them come into contact with each other.

Please don’t try to use toothpaste or baking soda to clean your jewelry or polish it, rather take it to an expert.

3. Remove your jewelry in water

Especially in the case of chlorinated water, i.e., swimming pools! Always take off any jewelry before getting into a pool or making a relaxing trip to the spa.

You should also remove your jewelry before showering and washing your hands as even plain water can cause metal to lose its shine and your precious gems to come loose.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

Long exposure to light and heat can impact the color of many gems, so make sure to protect your jewelry from these harsh conditions.

When you’re not wearing your jewelry, be sure to store it in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

5. Store it separately

Effective storage can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your jewelry in perfect condition. A jewelry box with small, padded compartments will prevent items from scraping, scratching and bumping into one another, and will also keep your collection out of direct sunlight and protected from dust.

Alternatively, you can store each piece of new jewelry in a fabric pouch or bags.

As well as keeping it in tip-top condition, keeping your jewelry organized and untangled will allow you to find the piece you’re looking for more quickly!

6. Cleaning based on Metals

Silver- Use a jewelry cleaning cloth to rub the piece gently, rinsing with warm water afterwards. Make sure you dry the silver as leaving it as will cause it to tarnish. You can also use the anti-tarnish liquid in some cases if the jewelry turns blackish due to long term usage.

Gold- Gently use a clean and soft brush to clean the gold pieces. The purer the gold the more prone to scratches and damage it will be.

Platinum- Treat this metal with soap and water. It would be highly advised to take this to a professional for polishing if you require it back to original shine.

7. Different materials require different cleaning processes

It’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with before starting to clean, as the incorrect technique or substances could cause unexpected harm to your luxury. Make sure you clean your jewelry or have it cleaned 1-2 times/ year. Always remember proper care will help it last.

Still not sure what you should be using to clean your jewelry? Check out our video to cleaning your jewelry for our expert advice and tips!

  • Silver Jewelry-

Silver is also too soft to be used in its pure form for jewelry, which is why it is often mixed with other metals. Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of another metal, most likely copper. It is the copper in the sterling silver that reacts with sulfur- containing gases in the air causing it to turn black over time.  Things like perfume, hairspray, deodorant, moisturizers as well as chlorine in swimming pools can all contribute to further tarnishing of your silver due to the chemicals reacting with the silver. Taking care of your silver jewelry is extremely important. Remove your silver jewelry before cooking, working out, swimming and washing hands with soap to prevent the metal from tarnishing.

  • Storing Silver Jewelry

Silver tends to tarnish over time as the chemicals in the air react with the metals giving is a blackish hue. Besides using the practices mentioned above to store your jewelry it is also a good idea to throw in silica packs or anti tarnish cloth or even plain chalk with your jewelry. These will absorb the moisture and prevent the silver from tarnishing. Also avoid constant exposure of your silver jewelry to sunlight as this too makes silver tarnish fast. So if you are headed to the beach or spending a few hours working on your tan your silver jewelry is best left at home.

  • Regular Cleaning

Luckily your diamond jewelry is easy to clean. All you need is Luke-warm water, a soft toothbrush, and mild soap. Do not use toothpaste to clean diamonds. Soak your diamond jewelry in soapy water for a few minutes and gently clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Along with the face of the diamond, also clean the back where dirt is easily accumulated. You can then wipe it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. If you are cleaning your diamond jewelry in the sink or wash basin, make sure that you have blocked the drain before you start. Do not use any chemicals to clean your diamonds. This can erode the metal prongs or even dissolve it.

Though it isn’t easy to break a diamond, the prongs holding a diamond in place can be broken. Hence, don’t be rough with your diamond ornaments. When cleaning them, do not scrub them too vigorously or put too much pressure on them. Similarly, do not use a hard toothbrush to clean your diamonds. If a diamond gets caught in your clothing do not pull it out. Gently disentangle it from the cloth. That’s why it is advisable to remove your diamond jewelry before sleeping.

  • Store them Carefully-

Diamond jewelry needs to be protected not only against getting lost or being stolen but also against damage. When diamonds rub against one another they can scratch each other. Similarly, your diamonds may also scratch and damage other jewelry they come in contact with. Once a diamond gets damaged, there is no way to restore its original sparkle. So its best that each piece of jewelry is stored individually and not allowed to rub against each other. A fabric-lined jewelry case with individual compartments is ideal to store your diamond jewelry. Alternatively, you could wrap each piece of diamond jewelry in soft tissue.

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