Our Petite Maison

Out talented jewelry designers, spanned across Milan, New York, Tokyo, and India, are constantly seeking inspiration from everything that surrounds them. Nature, travels, crowds, history, the sea nothing is too trivial that they don’t get inspired by it. Our skilled artisans are constantly pushing the boundaries in ensuring that the vision of our talented designers is transformed into reality. Supporting our designers and artisans are our Diamond team that meticulously picks only the best diamonds that go into our jewelry. With an obsessive attention to the minutest detail, all four hundred of us are all constantly striving to make the best jewels for you. And yes- the five-decades of experience does not hurt.

(here have an image of a jewelry being designed)

You Choose – We Produce

Each person is unique. We all have different tastes. So why should we buy jewelry pieces that are mass produced. At La Joya we give the power back to our customers, to style your jewelry piece to suit your style and budget. And how do we do that without making a huge dent in your wallet? Well, we pass on the benefit we enjoy being a jeweler to the jewelers. Being a leading supplier to numerous jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and brands across the world we are constantly designing and coming out with new products. These are now available for you to select from at La Joya. We go a step further by giving you to power to choose the metal type and color to fashion your jewelry in to make it unique to you. And most importantly we use Earth- Friendly lab grown diamonds only which are budget friendly allowing us the luxury to use only excellent cut, better quality (VS/SI) and better color (G H I) diamonds and eliminating your need to navigate and learn about complex diamond color and grade terminologies. At significantly lower prices you now get much better diamonds so why bother learning what an I1 I2 quality or K, L colored diamond is

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