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Pear Engagement Rings

Our Mission

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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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You Can Trust

La Joya Jewelry was born from radical thinking, merging affordability, morality, and quality without compromising on luxury diamonds. Heirloom, responsibly sourced, and world-class. Our promise to you. Are you with us?

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"YOUR BUYING GUIDE TO La Joya's Pear Engagement Rings — Symbols Of Love That Transcend Time And Bring Out The Inner Shine"

At La Joya, we understand that one of the greatest joys of life is to find your soulmate and take the leap with them. And that’s why we ensure that our pear-shaped engagement rings are those you find once in a lifetime. As your partner adorns the ring on their finger, we promise even the Vena Amoris that flows to the heart will gleam with joy. 

Our conflict-free, lab-grown, premium-quality, budget-friendly, lab-grown diamonds nestled in our collection of pear diamond engagement rings will draw gazes and command appreciation. You’ll get free shipping, a no-questions-asked return, and a three-year care plan too!

The Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring And The Expression Of It

The pear stands for immortality, fruitfulness, grace, nobility, and happiness. For the die-hard-romantics, it almost looks like a heart. The pear-shaped engagement rings have been in-vogue since 1475 and have found their way into our conflict-free collection that receives rave reviews.

When we craft jewelry at La Joya, we learn about the story and symbolism behind shapes and stones. Our designers from Milan, Tokyo, New York, and India then weave that story into their designs, which make our creations akin to showstoppers. 

Be-Dazzled With the Variety, Quality, and Design of the Pear Shaped Diamond

When you shop for engagement rings pear-shaped with us, you’ll find some awe-inspiring collections like Clara, Mari, etc., that are available in gold and silver. You can also choose from different carat weights and designs, which makes for a stunning choice.

Let’s look at Clara, one of the most sought-after pear engagement rings encircled by a pear-cut diamond halo with a split shank. It comes in either 10K or 14K metal purity, among other customization options.

Mari, another one of our pear diamond engagement rings, never fails to impress with a three or four-carat pear-shaped diamond woven into a beautiful halo.

A Love That Lasts With The Environment

Our lab-grown diamonds are not only cruelty-free but also earth-friendly. Natural diamonds, which are mined by disturbing a shockingly large amount of earth, harm the environment. Diamond mining also puts a lot of pressure on natural resources, increasing their carbon footprint.

La Joya’s diamonds are created in a lab with the same physical and chemical properties, which makes our diamonds real, despite not being natural. The best part? Little to no negative environmental impact. Find the silver or gold pear engagement rings that speak to you.

FAQS ABOUT Pear Engagement Diamond Rings

What do pear-shaped engagement rings mean?

The pear could stand for many things, but it stands for immortal love and resembles tears of joy for many. This is why this engagement ring shape is known as ‘teardrop engagement rings.’

The diamond shape could also mean fruitfulness, happiness, and nobility. A diamond could go a long way in showing your love and commitment, making it perfect for an engagement ring.

Are rings with pear-shaped diamonds nice?

Yes, they are as nice as it gets. A pear ring is essentially a round brilliant cut marrying a marquise cut, offering the best of both worlds and a classic design.

It is one of the most stunning designs that handle light very well too. Not to forget their unique shape! They are also almost always in trend and intricately designed, making them look very delicate.

How do you wear pear engagement rings?

The most popular way to wear a pear-shaped diamond ring or teardrop engagement rings is with the pointed end of the diamond facing upwards towards your nail and the rounded end towards your hand.

Despite being the most popular way of wearing the ring, you can also wear it inverted, which would still look as good.

How do you take care of a pear-shaped engagement ring?

You could follow a few practices to make the sparkle of the diamond on your pear-shaped diamond rings last longer. One, take the ring out while washing your hands, playing sports, gardening, or in any other similar situation.

Two, soak your ring in mild dish soap every month and use a soft cloth to wipe the grime off. And lastly, every year, get it cleaned by a professional. How you take care of your rings will also depend upon whether it is made of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum or whether it is a two-tone, etc. How it is typically worn makes a difference in the cleaning frequency. The stone and the number of stones, like two-stone and three-stone, also matter.

Why should I choose pear-cut engagement rings?

There are multiple benefits to choosing pear-shaped diamond rings. We’ll try to list a few. One, they look larger than other cuts of the same weight, which means they flatter you.

Two, a pear-shaped diamond makes your fingers look elegant and elongated. Three, this pear-cut diamond ring is unique and appears more delicate, and lastly, it can be worn straight or inverted, as you please. Choose it as an engagement band or a wedding band! It always impresses with its teardrop shape and pear diamonds.

Are pear-shaped lab-grown diamond rings real?

Yes, lab-grown pear-cut diamonds offer the same scintillation and sparkle, along with the same physical and chemical composition as natural diamonds.

They are real, have a high resale value, and never lose their sparkle just like natural diamonds. They have an advantage over natural diamonds because they are cruelty-free and earth-friendly.

What kind of bands go well with engagement rings' pear shape?

While a pear cut engagement ring shape is unique and versatile, cluster bands go really well with the things. The modern halo mounting does wonders for this diamond cut and elongated shape.

You can try a hidden halo too for teardrop diamonds. Also, you can choose other kinds of bands, but make sure they are not very thick to give the pear shaped diamonds, the importance it deserves.

What is the warranty for pear engagement rings?

Love lasts forever. You get a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for our pear engagement rings. If we cannot repair a product, we will replace it for you at no cost. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our jewelry.

When you damage your gorgeous jewelry, the last thing you should worry about is how to repair or replace it. Our 3-year comprehensive care plan, offered on all purchases over $400, covers most exigencies from loss of diamond to broken clasp or chain (broken shank or loose prong in case of rings and (bent post to loose prong in case of earrings). Over and above this, we also offer a lifetime of prong tightening and cleaning services to help keep your diamond cross pendant pieces from La Joya in mint condition.

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