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Lab Created Diamond Cluster Earrings

Unearth Gorgeous Conflict-free Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Earrings with Free Insurance and Shipping
Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings
Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings


Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings

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Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings


Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings

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Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings


Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings

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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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La Joya Jewelry was born from radical thinking, merging affordability, morality, and quality without compromising on luxury diamonds. Heirloom, responsibly sourced, and world-class. Our promise to you. Are you with us?

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Diamond cluster earrings are a truly remarkable piece of jewelry when it comes to elevating your style. These beautiful pieces showcase an arrangement of diamonds meticulously placed to produce a captivating cluster effect.

La Joya’s collection of diamond cluster earrings draws inspiration from the heritage of vintage jewelry, where intricate designs and exceptional artistry hold theregard.

The magic ofcluster earrings with lab-grown diamonds lies in their ability to sparkle and shine more than diamonds. Every earring is carefully made to capture the play of light with diamonds arranged strategically for brilliance.

Whether you choose a timeless round cluster or a one-of-a-kind geometric design, these earrings are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you wear them.

An Ultra-Luxurious Experience

The Vintage Cluster Earringsare a piece from La Joya’s collection of earrings. This design, with its timeless appeal, takes inspiration from the elegance and allure of an era.

It showcases a cluster of arranged diamonds in a setting that exudes charm. The intricate craftsmanship and subtle embellishments effortlessly transport you to a time characterized by grandeur and refinement.

Prioritizing High Standards

La Joya is dedicated to sourcing diamonds ethically, ensuring premium quality at every step of the production process. We take care in crafting each piece, paying attention to detail so that you can enjoy a stunning and enduring piece of jewelry.

Our lab-created diamonds boast quality, with their G H color and VS/SI clarity surpassing the found J K L color and I1/2 clarity offered by other jewelry stores.

Lifetime Maintenance and Care

When you buy a pair of cluster diamond earringsthat cost over $400, you’ll get a lifetime maintenance plan with a duration of 3 years and all the help you require.

The coverage includes tightening hooks and cleaning for maintenance of the earrings. This ensures that your earrings always look their best and never lose their original shine and unique look.

Cost-Effective and Exceptional Quality

Quality must never come at a high price. At La Joya, we understand that everyone loves statement pieces that stand out and look elegant. We provide the hassle-free option of Buy Now Pay Later to make your life simpler and purchases easier.

This affordable option ensures that you can treat yourself to luxury without boring a hole in your savings. With this option, you can buy the cluster diamond earrings you’ve always wanted without sacrificing quality or style.

Wear Your Style With Pride

La Joya’s cluster earrings are a sight to behold. Treasure them for a lifetime. You will always be the talk of the town when you adorn the cluster diamond earringsBrowse through our collection and buy the earrings that will add a timeless appeal to your look.

FAQs about Diamond Cluster Earrings

What are diamond cluster earrings, and how are they different from traditional diamond earrings?

The term diamond cluster earrings refers to earrings with a number of smaller diamonds packed closely together to give the appearance of a larger more elaborate diamond. They are distinct from classic diamond stud earrings which typically have one or more larger diamonds as the focal point.

What is the average size and carat weight of the diamonds used in diamond cluster earrings?

Diamonds used in diamond cluster earrings can range in size & carat weight. Depending on the overall design and desired aesthetic they frequently have smaller diamonds averaging 0.01 – 0.10 carats each.

How are diamond cluster earrings crafted to ensure maximum sparkle and brilliance?

The smaller diamonds are carefully positioned and set close together in diamond cluster earrings to maximise sparkle & brilliance. With the help of light reflection & refraction caused by the clustered diamonds a brilliant display of brilliance is produced.

Are there different styles and designs available for diamond cluster earrings?

Diamond cluster earrings come in a variety of styles & designs. They can be anything from traditional & timeless patterns to more contemporary & complex arrangements. Halo clusters, floral clusters, geometric clusters and cluster studs are a few examples of popular designs.

What metals are commonly used for the settings of diamond cluster earrings?

The settings for diamond cluster earrings typically are made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. The metal that is chosen is determined by taste, desired colour and price range.

How do I care for and clean my diamond cluster earrings to maintain their shine and beauty?

Your diamond cluster earrings should be gently cleaned & dried with a soft, lint free cloth to remove any dirt or residue. Abrasive/ harsh chemicals should not be used as they could harm the metal or the diamonds. To ensure the durability of the settings and the brilliance of the diamonds you might also think about hiring a professional to clean and inspect them periodically.


How to make cluster earrings?

To craft stunning cluster earrings, begin by selecting a variety of gemstones or diamonds. Plan the layout, arranging stones in a cluster design. Use jewelry pliers to attach each stone onto a base, securing them with prongs or wire. Finally, affix the completed cluster to the earring findings. Mastering this process requires precision and creativity, resulting in unique, dazzling earrings.