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Lab Created Diamond Cross Pendants


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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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La Joya Jewelry was born from radical thinking, merging affordability, morality, and quality without compromising on luxury diamonds. Heirloom, responsibly sourced, and world-class. Our promise to you. Are you with us?

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Daya by La Joya

A diamond cross necklace spells a glamorous style statement that is always in vogue. It is a versatile accessory that you can wear on special occasions or as an everyday item.

The cross is among the most recognizable symbols in the world. For some, it is a representation of their faith, and for others, it is a means to express their fashionable persona.

Diamond cross pendant necklaces appeal to the sensibilities of all of them. It is an adornment that easily bridges the gap between faith and fashion.

Our cross necklaces are an excellent way to own contemporary jewelry crafted with lab-created diamonds, signifying responsibly sourced luxury. They are designed to offer you the best of guilt-free radiance.

Incredible Designs Signifying Sustainable Luxury

Our cross necklaces feature impeccably crafted diamond pendants, exemplifying timeless styles. We have a wide variety of design options for you to indulge and shine.

While each of our pendant designs offers an undeniable charm, there’s more to this collection. We craft our cross pendants with responsibly sourced, lab-created diamonds.

Our diamond cross necklaces signify sustainable accessories enriched with diamonds having cruelty-free and guilt-free attributes.

High-Quality Diamonds, Matchless Sparkle

Diamonds always attract attention due to their sparkle and luxury. Our collection of cross necklaces features heirloom quality lab-grown diamonds with matchless radiance.

Lab-created diamonds exhibit spectacular brilliance that makes them a coveted choice for designing fashionable cross pendants. We craft our cross pendants with high-quality, responsibly sourced diamonds that have G-H color and VS/SI clarity.

Due to their superior quality, our diamonds are placed at a higher level than the J-K-L color and I1/2 clarity diamonds that are usually found at other jewelry stores.

The Timeless Beauty of Our Diamond Cross Pendant Designs

The use of crosses in jewelry dates back to the 2nd century AD, but over the ages, the cross has evolved into a distinct style statement. Our collection includes gorgeous pendant designs that are symbolic of timeless fashion.

This collection has exciting cross designs made of a single stone shape or multiple shapes for you to discover.

Dace by La Joya

If you fancy the classy solitaire style, the Dace by La Joya deserves your attention. It features a round brilliant cut stone shape placed at the center of the pendant, enhancing its elegance and minimalistic beauty.

Daun by La Joya

For something traditional yet extremely gorgeous, check out the Daun by La Joya. Encrusted with dazzling white diamonds, this exquisite piece is a stunning accessory that can enhance your outfit instantly.

Daci by La Joya

Do you have a penchant for trendy pendants?

The Daci by La Joya is sure to captivate your heart. This enticing infinity cross design brilliantly highlights the aura of diamonds without making it look overwhelming.

Whether you want to wear a simple piece or one with details, you can discover and shop for plenty of designs at our store. The best part is that you can use our cross pendants to create fabulous fashion statements.

Bespoke Diamond Cross Necklace Designs in Different Metal Options

Cross necklaces enable you to wear them in a metal of your choice. Gold and silver are two popular options in this context.

You can take your pick from the classy yellow gold designs or the trendy rose gold choices. You can also style your look with the elegant white gold designs that are in a league of their own.

When it comes to our silver or gold diamond cross pendant designs, you can discover and shop from a lot of eye-catching options.

Cross Necklace with Heart Motif by La Joya

Consider our Diamond Cross Necklace with Heart Motif as an example. It features a heart-shaped motif cast in yellow gold that encloses a brilliant diamond.

The stunning combination of white and yellow adds to the unique beauty of this piece.

Lifetime Complimentary Maintenance

When you damage your precious diamond jewelry, the last thing you should worry about is how to replace or repair it. We understand your concern and offer a 3-year comprehensive care plan on all purchases over $400.

We also offer a lifetime of prong tightening and cleaning services to help keep your diamond cross pendants from La Joya in mint condition.


What does wearing a cross pendant mean?

The cross design is symbolic of good luck. Traditionally, it has been a common practice to wear a cross pendant as a statement of one’s religious belief. This design has also been worn to symbolize sacrifice and victory over death.

But with time, the significance of wearing a cross pendant has adopted a wider meaning. Today, the cross design has become quite popular as a fashion statement. So, wearing a cross pendant can mean many things, including faith and fashion.

What does a diamond pendant symbolize?

Diamonds have been symbolic of purity, commitment, and immortality for centuries. Their timeless radiance and beauty have placed them in a league of their own, so much so that gifting diamond jewelry pieces has become synonymous with attachment and constancy.

Diamond pendants carry a rich significance. They symbolize unconditional devotion, love, affection, and eternal faithfulness. They also convey style and wealth.

What to look for when buying a diamond cross pendant?

When investing in a diamond cross pendant, you need to consider the piece’s design and the diamonds’ carat weight. Another area to pay attention to is the quality of the diamonds.

If the color and clarity of the diamonds are not of a high grade, your pendant won’t have a brilliant radiance. So, you need to keep in mind all these factors when looking for a cross diamond pendant.

Can you wear a cross diamond pendant daily?

A diamond is forever. When you buy a cross diamond pendant, make sure to invest in a good quality piece. This will enable you to wear your pendant daily without worrying about the diamonds becoming loose and getting misplaced.

How to take care of a gold diamond cross pendant?

A gold diamond cross pendant doesn’t need you to follow an elaborate care process. All you need to do is make sure that your piece of jewelry doesn’t accumulate dirt.

Also, check that the diamonds are tightly lodged in their spaces. You can take your diamond pendant to your jeweler occasionally for professional cleaning of the diamonds and to check their settings.

What Is a Diamond Cross-Shaped Pendant?

A cross-shaped pendant refers to the use of a cross design in jewelry. This design is often enriched with diamonds to enhance its exquisiteness.

Why do people wear diamond crosses?

The diamond cross can symbolize different things for different individuals. Some people wear it as religious jewelry as a symbol of their faith, while others wear it as a fashion accessory.

Is a diamond cross-shaped pendant a good gift?

A diamond cross-shaped pendant is a great gift option. It enables you to express how special someone is for you. This accessory can be a fantastic gift for multiple occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Are cross diamond necklaces in style?

Necklaces adorned with diamond crosses have been in fashion for a long time now. The timeless appeal of this accessory makes it a contemporary item in fashion.

How can you tell if the necklace has a real diamond cross pendant?

When diamonds are set in a pendant, it can be difficult to guess if they are real or not.

You can take the pendant to a reliable jewelry company to get it checked. They will be able to test the accessory and answer your questions.

Can men wear cross-shaped diamond pendants?

Both men and women can wear cross-shaped diamond pendants.

It is one of those accessories that offer men plenty of choices to express their faith and fashion. Like women, even men can explore and purchase stylish yellow or white gold options.

What type of outfits to wear with diamond-studded cross necklaces?

It’s easy to incorporate a diamond-studded cross necklace with all kinds of outfits.

This classy accessory can complement your casual outfit as well as your formal wear. Given its versatility, you can use this accessory to dress up or dress down any outfit.