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14kt Gold Rings- A Luxurious Blend of Elegance and Royalty

Inspired by enduring patterns and exquisite designs, La Joya’s 14kt gold rings collection in line exudes infinite sparkle and timeless beauty. Each ring is unique and crafted one at a time with utmost precision.

Apart from being an exotic addition to your closet, these 14kt gold rings are hailed as a perfect gift for your partner. These affluent gold rings studded with ethically sourced diamonds are a popular choice owing to their high durability and fine quality, available at lucrative prices.

So wear 14kt gold rings and bling it on!

A Token of Love and Thoughtfulness

From engagement to celebrating your anniversary, gifting a 14kt gold diamond ring is a thoughtful gesture to surprise your loved one. Make sure you choose a stunning ring that suits your partner’s aura.

Bask in the beauty of gleaming La Joya diamonds and celebrate the immense love in your heart. Our lab-created diamond rings are sustainably sourced, which lets you enjoy luxury without the guilt of harming the environment.

Evolving Designs and Opulent Styles

Our stunning collection of 14kt gold rings is exclusively designed for women who love to adorn themselves with exquisite jewelry.

Steal the spotlight with our Lab Created Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | Hazel is a 14kt white gold ring that metaphorically blends modesty and affluence. It is skillfully designed with gleaming diamonds accented around a large diamond halo that draws attention to your finger.

Surprise your partner with Lab Grown Diamond Anniversary Ring (3/4 Ct. Tw.) | Bell, a stunning assemblage of gleaming diamonds and pure 14k gold. The ring is marked by a sleek band of 14k gold studded twinkling diamonds.

Do you love minimalism with a flair for opulence? Our Lab Created Pear Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring | Rein is the perfect pick for you to ace your everyday look.

This sleek solitaire ring is highly versatile and goes well with a variety of fashion statements. It features a scintillating 1/2-carat lab-grown round diamond on an exotic rippled shank.

High-Quality Assurance- A La Joya Promise!

Our line of 14kt gold rings with diamonds are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

Compared to the J-K-L colors and I1/2 clarity generally found at other jewelry retail stores, our lab-created diamonds with G-H colors and VS/SI clarity are of greater quality.

FAQs About 14kt Gold Ring With Diamonds

What is the karat weight of 14k gold rings?  

In many distinct forms, 14k gold rings are a popular choice for jewelry. These rings have a 58.3% karat weight, which signifies that 58.3% of the ring is made of pure gold with the remaining 41.7% consisting of other metals like silver/copper to provide the ring strength & longevity. 

Can 14k gold rings be resized?  

Rings made of 14k gold can be resized, although the procedure is a little more difficult than with rings made of other metals. Since 14k gold is made up of 58% pure gold & 42% alloy metal, resizing the ring without causing damage or weakening the band requires special instruments. You should take your ring to a skilled jeweler with experience working with this sort of metal so they can guarantee accurate sizing & high quality craftsmanship.

Do 14k gold rings tarnish or rust over time?

Tarnish on gold is usually superficial and can be easily cleaned off. A jeweler can also professionally clean and polish your gold ring to restore its original shine if tarnish becomes more noticeable over time.

To keep your 10k gold ring looking its best and minimize tarnishing, it’s a good practice to remove your ring before engaging in activities that might expose it to chemicals or moisture and to clean it regularly.

Are 14k gold rings hypoallergenic? 

While 14k gold alloys are generally considered less likely to cause allergies compared to lower-quality alloys, some 14k gold alloys may contain trace amounts of nickel. Nickel is a common allergen for many people, so if you have a known nickel allergy, it’s important to ensure that the 14k gold alloy you choose is nickel-free.

How should I clean and maintain 14k gold rings?  

After soaking in warm water and mild dish soap for 10 minutes, gently wash the 14k gold ring with a toothbrush or cloth to remove dirt and grime. Rinse the ring with cool water and dry it with a lint-free cloth after cleaning. Store 14k gold rings separately from other jewelry for maintenance to minimize tarnishing and scratches. Avoid strong chemicals like chlorine that can slowly damage your rings’ metal.

Are 14k gold rings suitable for everyday wear?  

Yes, 14k gold rings can be worn daily. While its quality and durability vary by composition, 14K gold is usually stronger than 10K or 12K gold. When properly maintained, these rings can endure daily usage, however, they should not be worn while playing sports or other heavy physical activities since they may bend or chip on harder surfaces. Your lifestyle and finances determine if 14k gold accessories are your go-to.

Can 14k gold rings be worn in water?  

Wearing your 14K gold ring while swimming or bathing should not damage it. However, taking off gems before diving into saline waters like an ocean might cause long-term damage. Also, chlorine pools can wear down metal, so avoid exposing a 14k gold ring to them for long periods!

What is the composition of 14k gold rings?  

14k gold rings comprise 41.7% alloy metals like silver, copper, or zinc and 58.3% pure gold. The color and durability of a 14k gold ring are determined by the metal’s composition. Because it contains less pure gold than 18k or 24k, rings created with this grade of gold typically last longer than those made with other metals.

Do 14k gold rings leave green marks on the skin?  

Pure gold itself doesn’t cause skin discoloration or reactions. However, the alloys used in lower-karat gold, including 14k gold, can sometimes lead to skin discoloration, especially in individuals with sensitive skin or specific allergies. this reaction is highly individual and not everyone will experience it.

Are 14k gold rings resizable?

Most jewelers can resize a 14k gold ring to fit your finger without damaging it. Depending on the ring’s design and complexity, some jewelers may not be able to adapt it. Before repairing or altering jewelry, consult an expert.

Why are 14kt gold rings popular?

14kt gold rings are a popular choice because they are highly durable and available at pocket-friendly prices. In case you are looking for a high-quality solid gold ring like 18 ct but at a budget-friendly price, a 14k gold ring is the perfect pick for you.

Can a 14kt gold diamond ring be gifted?

Yes, 14kt gold rings make a great choice for engagement, anniversary, and wedding rings. They symbolize eternal love, commitment, and trust for life.

Can my 14-karat gold diamond ring tarnish?

14kt gold diamond ring is on the higher end of pure gold composition and will undergo little to no tarnishing with proper storage and maintenance.

What is the karat weight of a 14kt gold ring?

14k gold rings come in a variety of styles and are a popular jewelry option.

These rings have 58.3% karat weight, meaning that 58.3% of the ring is pure solid gold, and the remaining 41.7% is made up of other metals like silver or copper to guarantee the ring’s durability and lifespan.

Can my 14kt gold ring be resized?

Although the process is slightly more challenging than with rings made of other metals, 14k gold rings can be resized. Special tools are needed to resize the ring without damaging it or diminishing the look of the band because 14k gold is made up of 58.3% pure gold and 41.7% alloy metal.

Find a qualified jeweler who is adept at working with this type of metal so they can ensure precise size and top-notch craftsmanship. We at La Joya provide complete guidance for ring sizing.

Is 14 ct gold good for diamond rings?

14 ct is frequently chosen for a diamond engagement ring due to its durability, as the diamonds will be more stable if the prong-holding substance is sturdy.

Can I wear my 14kt gold diamond ring every day?

14k gold rings are suitable for daily wear. While the composition of gold affects its reliability and strength, 14K gold is often more durable than 10K or 12K gold.

These diamond rings can withstand daily use when handled properly. However, they shouldn’t be worn while engaging in strenuous physical activity, such as playing sports, as they could crack or bend on tougher surfaces.

Which is better- 14kt yellow gold or white gold diamond ring?

Both 14kt yellow gold and white gold diamond rings feature durable characteristics. However, Yellow gold frequently needs polishing and buffing as compared to White gold diamond ring, which needs to be polished once or twice a year.


At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.


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La Joya Jewelry was born out of a free spirit and a radical thought. You shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality. The problem was simple but the solution was disruptive of the luxury diamond jewelry industry. How can we make heirloom quality, world-class premium designs that are responsibly sourced and affordable to those who feel the same way we do? For us, the answer was crystal clear. La Joya Jewelry will not compromise on sourcing, design, affordability or service.

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A more thoughtful way to experience fine jewelry. built around you.


A more thoughtful way to experience fine jewelry. built around you.

    Last updated: 30th November 2023