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A Diamond is a symbol of undying and everlasting love and beauty and at La Joya we want everyone to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the sparkling stone. We endeavor to make gorgeous diamond jewelry at attractive and affordable prices so that without a shred of guilt everyone can own their own little slice of eternity.


We are a couple of third generation nerds madly in love with Diamonds who would like to make diamond jewelry available to as many people as possible. We have always been the jeweler to the jewelers having manufactured jewelry for leading retailers, jewelry wholesalers, and jewelry brands currently and in the past. With an obsessive attention to detail and utmost transparency we at La Joya want everyone to enjoy the pure delight and joy that comes with owning and flaunting a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry

Our Petite Maison

Out talented jewelry designers, spanned across Milan, New York, Tokyo, and India, are constantly seeking inspiration from everything that surrounds them. Nature, travels, crowds, history, the sea nothing is too trivial that they don’t get inspired by it. Our skilled artisans are constantly pushing the boundaries in ensuring that the vision of our talented designers is transformed into reality. Supporting our designers and artisans are our Diamond team that meticulously picks only the best diamonds that go into our jewelry. With an obsessive attention to the minutest detail, all four hundred of us are all constantly striving to make the best jewels for you. And yes- the five-decades of experience does not hurt.

You Choose – We Produce

Earth- Friendly lab grown diamonds jewellery - La JoyaEach person is unique. We all have different tastes. So why should we buy jewelry pieces that are mass produced. At La Joya we give the power back to our customers, to style your jewelry piece to suit your style and budget. And how do we do that without making a huge dent in your wallet? Well, we pass on the benefit we enjoy being a jeweler to the jewelers. Being a leading supplier to numerous jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and brands across the world we are constantly designing and coming out with new products. These are now available for you to select from at La Joya. We go a step further by giving you to power to choose the metal type and color to fashion your jewelry in to make it unique to you. And most importantly we use Earth- Friendly lab grown diamonds only which are budget friendly allowing us the luxury to use only excellent cut, better quality (VS/SI) and better color (G H I) diamonds and eliminating your need to navigate and learn about complex diamond color and grade terminologies (hyperlink to the page about diamond color and clarity. If this does not exist create it). At significantly lower prices you now get much better diamonds so why bother learning what an I1 I2 quality or K, L colored diamond is

Earth Friendly

Earth- Friendly lab grown diamonds jewellery - La JoyaWe call our lab grown diamonds ‘Earth Friendly’ for the simple reason that production of these diamonds does not adversely affect the environment around us. Unlike a few other Lab grown diamond jewelers we do not prefer to call these diamonds as ‘Eco-friendly’ or ‘Sustainable’. These terminologies are often fuzzy and cannot be substantiated or proven. The Laboratories that make these diamonds do consume a lot of energy and the jury is still out on whether more energy is used by natural diamond mines or by these laboratories. However, one fact that cannot be ignored is that by digging huge holes in the surface of the earth leads to widespread deforestation and damages the fragile ecosystem around the mines adversely affecting wildlife and surrounding water supply. It is an accepted fact that natural diamond miners need to move 250 tons of earth to get just one carat of polished diamond. Production of Lab grown diamonds does not displace wildlife, plants, or humans. They do not fund human right abuses or violence. They do not contaminate adjoining water tables. They are ‘Earth Friendly’.


At La Joya we are passionate about our community. We believe that the best service can be if one can give their time to help those less fortunate than us. While we would love to do more for the upliftment of the economically backward communities around us, we can’t spend as much time as we would like to on this. We hence do the next best service and that is to donate generously to organisations that undertake projects that are close to our heart. Along with others we are involved in running a school for the physically challenged children in our community. The school has 250 students who are either visually challenged or have a challenge hearing or are mentally challenged or are children with special needs and we concentrate on their all-round development till grade 12 arming them with skills to overcome their disabilities and get gainful employment. Besides this along with like minded individuals we sponsor lunch for 3500 children from the poorest strata of society. We have tied up with large kitchens that provide these lunches at subsided prices as well as logistic companies that have agreed to transport these to various far-flung places so that it can reach the places where it is needed the most.

We are also passionate about our pets and we run a veterinary clinic where abandoned pets are treated trained free of cost. This is extremely beneficial in the economically less backward communities where these animals are abandoned left to fend for themselves. These are taken in by us and nurtured back to health and found a home at no charge.