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7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band
7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band


7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band

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7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band


7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band

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7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band


7 Stone Shared Prong Lab Diamond Band

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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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La Joya Jewelry was born from radical thinking, merging affordability, morality, and quality without compromising on luxury diamonds. Heirloom, responsibly sourced, and world-class. Our promise to you. Are you with us?

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How It All Began

There are multiple origins of stackable rings. Some say they began with the “guard” and “keeper” rings meant to protect the precious one in the center.

While others say the stack of promise/commitment, engagement, and wedding rings gave birth to the style. But what matters is they are here to stay.

La Joya’s Iridescent Stackable Rings Collection

Created with conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, La Joya’s is home to a wide range of stackable rings in different carat weights and band colors like white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Our fashion-forward rings come in vintage, classic, and contemporary designs with 10k and 14k metal purity. Choose your ring size and flatter yourself with our stackable rings at an affordable price. Get free shipping and 30 days return, too.

The Trend & The Style

Many celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Aniston, have been seen sporting stackable rings. If you want to create your own set of stackable rings, you can start by choosing a stone like a diamond as the ring in the center.

The Cilka ring by La Joya could be a great pick. It comes in a princess cut and a round brilliant cut. You can also create gold stackable rings and choose a golden band (white gold or yellow gold).

Next, choose two or three other bands. If you are going for more than two, make the third a simple one. The Ione ring with a carved milgrain frame comes in white gold with 925 metal purity.
You can also look at the Dainty Round diamond ring in three gold color options and round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds. The Dot Dash sterling silver ring is a unique pick, too, with its illusionary marquise and circular silver frames.
Play with metal colors and ring shapes. You can also create multiple combinations with your set of rings to have something new to wear every time.

Why La Joya Is Your Best Choice For Stackable Rings

The right question is, why should you not? We love what we do, but if that’s enough, here’s why we could be your best pick. Our stacking rings are crafted thoughtfully by designers from countries like Milan, Italy, and India, some of the most exciting design capitals of the world.
Our designers have found their muse not only in the latest trends but also in nature, life, and tradition, offering unmatched craftsmanship. The best part is that our quintessential stackable rings are studded with earth-friendly, lab-grown diamonds that look no different than natural diamonds.
But they have an edge — there is no damage caused to the environment through mining.
We have a collection that can impress even the nonchalant. An apotheosis in the world of stackable rings. With such exquisite options, you can choose to create a collection that is and expresses YOU. The possibilities are endless.
La Joya offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and a three-year comprehensive care plan when you purchase over USD 400. Our promise of excellence does not end with your purchase.
Browse our jewelry collection and find “the jewel” for you now!


In which finger do you wear stackable rings?

Stackable rings can be worn on any finger. You can also use them as engagement rings or wedding bands and wear them on your ring finger, close to the vein that runs to the heart. Stackable thumb rings are also in vogue.

Are stacking rings durable?

Stackable rings are as durable as they get. When you buy them from La Joya, they are made from precious metals and lab-grown diamonds. This adds to its strength.

La Joya’s silver and gold stackable rings also come with a lifetime warranty, which shows how confident we are about the supreme quality of our men’s or women’s stackable rings.

To ensure durability, remember to buy stackable rings from trusted sellers like La Joya. When you make a purchase, look at all the data and authenticity certificates on our website.

Are there any rules for wearing stackable diamond rings?

When wearing stacking rings, there is no wrong or right way. Stackable wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger, but that’s also a rule you can not choose to follow. You can stack different types of ring collections and apply the latest fashion trends as you please.

Should stackable rings have to match?

The world is your oyster with stacking rings. They can be of different colors, stones, or metals. What’s important is to have fun while creating your stack of rings. Mix it with varied diamond cuts, or look at different collections on our site for inspiration.

What is the warranty on stackable rings?

La Joya’s stackable diamond rings have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. You can read more here. If you shop for an order value above USD 400, we also offer a three-year comprehensive care plan covering almost all potential damages. Our lifetime free cleaning services ensure your rings are as good as new with the right settings and sparkle to match your shine.

How do you choose the right size for stackable rings?

When you browse stackable rings, look for a slightly bigger size, as all of the rings have to be worn on the same finger, and most of the time, our fingers tend to taper slightly. A slightly bigger size will give you the flexibility to layer them however you want.

Are stackable rings only for women?

While women’s stackable rings are the most common, this piece of jewelry is gender-neutral and gives instant glam. Men can wear stackable rings and choose rings across La Joya’s different categories.

Are stackable rings customizable?

Yes, stackable rings can be customized based on your birthstone, zodiac sign, letters of your name, etc. You can also choose the metal and stone type and get messages engraved on the ring for a special touch if you want to use them as an engagement ring or stackable wedding band

What are stackable diamond rings, and how are they different from regular diamond rings?

Stackable diamond bands are rings with beautifully shining diamonds that you can wear on the same finger and stack on top of one another.

What are the popular diamond shapes used in stackable rings?

They come in a variety of shapes but round shape is the most popularly used shape in stackable diamond rings.

Can I wear stackable diamond rings on the same finger as my engagement or wedding ring?

Yes!! You can wear stackable diamond rings on the same finger as your wedding or engagement ring. For a fact, stackable rings create a layered and fascinating effect while enhancing the beauty of your engagement or wedding ring.

How do I choose the right diamond size for stackable rings that complement each other?

Firstly, choosing the right diamond size depends on your personal choice and even the budget. Two ways to select the diamond size for stackable rings:

1) To add visual interest & balance and think about combining different sizes of diamonds.

2) By maintaining design harmony and gradually changing the size of the diamonds.

Are stackable diamond rings suitable for everyday wear, or should they be reserved for special occasions?

Yes, stackable diamond rings suitable for everyday wear tend to be created with durability in mind making them appropriate for everyday use.