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Lab Created Vintage Inspired Diamond Rings

Lab Created Vintage Inspired Diamond Rings


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Won't take it off


We got married and never bought a band, Ive always used my engagement ring but I wanted a band for the complete look. This is absolutely gorgeous, affordable and high quality for the price. It was a surprise gift for my birthday. 10/10 recommend. Doesnt turn your finger green - its legit.

We got married and never bought a band, Ive always used my engagement ring but I wanted a band for t ...Read More

Jiana D

Wanted a simple diamond band just for everyday wear. This one was beautiful and the diamonds were bleat and sparkly. I usually wear a 7 but during the day my rings often get a bit snug. I ordered this in a 7.5 and it was a bit too loose. The ring would sometimes spin around and the diamonds would end up underneath. Sadly had to return it. May try the 7 although there are some bands in 7.25 but not lab created diamonds. Wish La Joya offered quarter sizes.

Wanted a simple diamond band just for everyday wear. This one was beautiful and the diamonds were bl ...Read More

J. Berney

Very sparkly but the stones and detail are MUCH smaller in real-life. Very pretty, true to fit, fast shipping. Happy with the ring but not exactly what I was expecting

Very sparkly but the stones and detail are MUCH smaller in real-life. Very pretty, true to fit, fast ...Read More

Kelly I

Very pretty, tinier (dainty) than we anticipated. Still love it.

Very pretty, tinier (dainty) than we anticipated. Still love it.


Very pretty, good sparkle with elegant simplicity. I wear it everyday with my engagement ring.

Very pretty, good sparkle with elegant simplicity. I wear it everyday with my engagement ring.

Colleen F

Very nice and look great.

Very nice and look great.

Theresa G

Very beautiful and well made.

Very beautiful and well made.

Isabelle M

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At La Joya Jewelry, our mission is to make premium luxury jewelry easily accessible to those of us who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality.

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La Joya Jewelry was born out of a free spirit and a radical thought. You shouldn’t have to choose between affordability, morality and quality. The problem was simple but the solution was disruptive of the luxury diamond jewelry industry. How can we make heirloom quality, world-class premium designs that are responsibly sourced and affordable to those who feel the same way we do? For us, the answer was crystal clear. La Joya Jewelry will not compromise on sourcing, design, affordability or service. That’s our promise. Are you with us?

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Enter the world of La Joya, where luxury design meets glamor. Our mesmerizing collection flaunts exquisite design with intricate craftsmanship designed to qualify as an ornate token of your love. Whether you are looking for an artisanal masterpiece for your big day or an impeccable heirloom,  La Joya presents exquisite pieces in the fine Vintage Inspired Wedding Rings collection to captivate and inspire.

La Joya Vintage Inspired Wedding Rings: An Overview

The vintage-inspired wedding rings collection at La Joya takes inspiration from designs that transcend generations and are known for their elegant charm and timeless glamor. Each piece in the collection embodies the master craftsmanship of intricate patterns, meticulous design, and perfectly ensembled gems to create a work of art. We take immense pride in bringing you the integration of time-honored craft with your modern wedding bands as you take steps into a forever romance. Vow to your love with our extensive collection of blissful vintage-inspired wedding rings. 

What sets La Joya’s Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings apart?

  • Exquisite Design: Our collection showcases an elaborate array of timeless crafts, from delicate double halo to interwoven milgrain design. The designs are customizable in the precious metal to suit your liking. Furthermore, our elaborate collection has a ring to suit the taste and style of each individual. 
  • Quality Craftsmanship:  Our vintage-style wedding rings are meticulously handcrafted with masterful precision to ensure that every element is displayed in its mesmerizing beauty. These bands feature delicate patterns with custom-made diamonds to flair in their true opulence. Our exquisite workmanship for the vintage collection is for jewelry artistry’s rich history and fine heritage. 
  • Ethically Sourced Materials:  We are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Our collection is crafted with breathtaking lab-grown diamonds that embody elegance and sheer brilliance. Each piece in our collection upholds our standards of safe labor practices, and continuous community development, and is a reflection of our core values. 


Top Products Pricing
Lab-Grown Infinity Styled Diamond Ring $1,238.45
Lab Created Prong Set Illusion Marquise Diamond Ring $1,837.70
Lab Grown Split French Prong Diamond Eternity Ring $1,877.65
Vintage Inspired Multi-Row Lab Grown Crossover Diamond Ring $1,757.80
Lab Grown Chevron Milgrain Diamond Ring $775.20
Vintage Themed Lab Grown Diamond Band Ring $816

What Are Some of the Best Antique Vintage Rings?

Selecting your best La Joya vintage-inspired wedding ring involves careful selection of the ring that is a reflection of personal style and tastes. The vintage collection  includes a variety of options to match different tastes:

The piece is a reflection of Art Deco style that epitomizes intricacy in design. At the heart of the stunning piece, a highly polished gold frame intertwines gracefully with the round-cut dazzling diamonds. The finely detailed milgrain edged to the peripheral finely cut diamonds,  adds to the charm showcasing the meticulous art in this sophisticated design. 

A true statement piece with the luxurious princess-cut diamond as the centerpiece, this ring is a work of art. The clean lines and the gorgeous sparkle of the princess-cut diamond shine brightly as the crown beholds it. Embedded along the band are accurately cut and meticulously fashioned smaller diamonds that create a captivating aesthetic. The precise detailing on the rim of the band reflects mastercraft and is a subtle mark of fine elegance. 

This masterpiece of vintage design features a masterfully cut and elegantly poised oval-cut diamond as the center of this ring.  Arranged continuously are smaller diamonds that encircle the band and shine in a dazzling charm. The prong holding the diamond in the frame has a vintage-inspired intricate design at its base, adding glamor to the piece with its bespoke fine detailing. 

How to Wear La Joya Vintage Wedding Rings: A Style Guide

  • Sophisticated Elegance:  Wear your La Joya Vintage Inspired Multi-Row Lab Grown Crossover Diamond Ring with a delicate detailing lace dress or a suit for a formal occasion. The fine-crafted design exudes elegance and completes the look with stud earrings and a simple bracelet. 
  • Modern Stacking: Consider mixing various pieces from La Joya with a Lab Grown Chevron Milgrain Diamond Ring which adds depth and visual interest to the look and achieve your best look for different occasions. 
  • Mix Metals: For a bold look, mix metals like yellow and white gold to create a contemporary twist. Try wearing a Lab Grown Infinity Styled Diamond Ring in yellow gold with white gold studs to create a cohesive look. 

How to ensure that your Precious Piece Lasts a Lifetime?

To ensure your fine jewelry retains all its beauty and brilliance like a new piece, it is important to service it regularly. The comprehensive La Joya Care Plan proves to be a helpful guide to keep the diamonds dazzling. 

  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Primarily, to keep your ring shining like new, regular cleaning and maintenance services are the first step. Experts at La Joya will check and clean your ring, ensuring it retains its luster.
  • Prong Inspection and Tightening: Over time, the prongs are naturally predisposed to becoming loose due to daily wear and tear.  This may result in your gem losing its accurate positioning on the piece. Our care plan includes prong setting and tightening, ensuring your diamonds remain securely in place.
  • Secure Shipping: We at La Joya go the extra mile to ensure that your diamond jewelry reaches your doorstep safely without any hassle, by keeping you updated with shipment details and tracking. 

Lab Grown Diamonds: A Sustainable Choice for Timeless Elegance

La Joya offers a charming collection of lab-grown diamonds that are carefully made using intelligent technology that is similar to nature’s diamond-growing method. Selecting your fine lab-grown diamond jewelry is an honor as you own an everlasting gem harvested ethically and sustainably. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically similar to naturally mined diamonds. Your choice of lab-grown diamonds for the ring makes you an informed and sustainable buyer; this enhances satisfaction and confidence while enjoying the brilliance and luxury of your wedding diamond ring. 

Final Thoughts

At La Joya, our Vintage Inspired Wedding Collection is more than just jewelry. It is a heirloom in the making, to carry the beauty for years to come. Each ring is a celebration of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every minute detail that makes this style a timelessly loved wonder. Whether you are drawn to the delicate filigree work or the emerald cut dazzling diamonds, you are sure to be captivated by their pure elegance and graceful sophistication.

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FAQs About Vintage-Inspired Wedding Rings

Are vintage-inspired wedding ring designs worth more?

Yes, it is because vintage-style diamond rings demand intricate craftsmanship and great attention to detail. The rings gleam in their true brilliance and breathtaking aura only if crafted with exceptional detailing.

Why are vintage-inspired rings better?

Every vintage ring represents history and the unique designs of the period. These intricate patterns and age-old designs give the adornment a distinguishing grace. People often love vintage-style designs for their detailing and radiance. 

What are the characteristics of vintage-inspired wedding rings from La Joya?

Vintage-inspired wedding rings represent expert craftsmanship and great attention to detail in every piece. These pieces incorporate the most meticulously cut diamonds embedded in beautiful polished precious metals. The adornments are made from superior-quality materials that stand the test of time

How do I determine the right ring size for me or my loved one?

Precise sizing is important. It makes for a memorable moment while trying on the ring for the first time as well as comfortable everyday wear. La Joya provides a comprehensive sizing guide to help you measure your finger accurately and make an informed choice. 

How often should you clean wedding rings?

It is advisable to follow a regular cleaning routine to ensure that your rings look as good as new. Additionally, regular cleaning brings attention to any small repairs needed due to everyday wear and tear. Since wedding rings are normally worn every day, we recommend cleaning your ring every one to two weeks to restore its brilliance.

Are La Joya's jewelry pieces available with lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, they are available. Additionally, these diamonds are responsibly sourced epitomizing sustainability.