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Well-loved white gold jewelry has the tendency to turn yellow over time. If you have white gold pieces you love to wear, you know that the rhodium coating on the top layer can erode, exposing the gold alloy underneath.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain your precious white gold jewelry items to retain their milky-metallic luster for longer years and keep looking elegant.

Through this blog, you will gain key insights into how pros clean white gold jewelry and what they do to preserve the sheen. You will also get some bonus tips on improving the longevity of your white gold diamond necklaces, rings, or even bracelets and earrings.


6 Pro Tips: How to Clean Gold Jewellery with Diamonds and Preserve It

6 Pro Tips How to Clean Gold Jewellery with Diamonds and Preserve It

Contrary to popular belief, white gold can be cleaned using common household staples. Cleaning your white gold pieces is relatively simple, if a little time-consuming (for best results). Using simple items like a toothbrush and mild soap, you can bring your white gold jewelry to life again.

1. Prepare the Right Cleaning Agent

According to the pros, the best way to clean your gold and diamond jewelry is to use a mixture of baking soda and mild soap. You would also need a high-absorbency towel (like microfibre towels). If you don’t have these, a regular towel would work, too.

Bring a bowl big enough to accommodate your jewelry and fill it with lukewarm water. Now, mix your mild soap and baking soda in the lukewarm water. Your cleaning agent is now ready for the jewelry.

2. Soak the Jewellery Properly

The second tip for cleaning gold and diamond jewelry is to soak it for the right amount of time in the cleaning agent you prepared. Soaking your jewelry for about 10 to 15 minutes is typically enough to loosen up all the dirt and debris sticking to it.

Remember to drain the water after a maximum soaking time of 15 minutes. This is because soaking any longer can cause the cleaning agent to start damaging the rhodium plating on your white gold diamond necklace or other pieces of jewelry you are cleaning.

3. Use a Soft Brush

Once you drain the cleaning agent and take your jewelry out to dry, it is recommended to gently clean the debris away from the jewelry surface first. Use a brush with soft bristles – a toothbrush or makeup brush, anything will do – to gently scrub your jewelry and remove stubborn dirt.

Remember not to scrub quickly or harshly because there is a risk of scratching your statement white gold jewelry. Once the scrubbing is done, you can inspect the jewelry again to check if any staining or other problems need a professional examination.

4. Clean Regularly

If you wish for your beloved white gold jewelry pieces to stay lustrous and brilliant for a longer time, they need to be cleaned regularly. Especially if these are pieces you wear frequently, they are bound to accumulate dust, dirt, oils, and other types of residue from use. This reduces the attractiveness of the jewelry and makes it look dull.

Set a schedule for your jewelry cleaning exercise – for example, you can set aside a few minutes every month to clean your jewelry.

5. Get a Jewellery Cleaner

There are several jewelry cleaning kits available in the market today. If you would rather use these than your do-it-yourself solutions at home, be sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully. Some cleaners allow you to clean all sorts of jewelry with diamonds, precious stones, and other metals. On the other hand, some cleaners are available, especially for cleaning gold and diamond jewelry.

The jewelry cleaners typically come with a drip tray that allows you to submerge the items in the solution. Follow the time and instructions mentioned on the label for soaking. Once this is done, you will find a polishing cloth in the kit to buff the jewelry after drying it.

6. Ask a Professional

Cleaning jewelry takes time and patience. If you want professional maintenance for all your white gold jewelry, you can always ask a professional. You can bring your items back to the store you bought them from and request them to clean them for you.

However, if you intend to have your jewelry cleaned frequently, this method may take up a lot of your precious time.

Bonus: How to Ensure Your Jewellery Lasts Long

How to Ensure Your Jewellery Lasts Long

Jewellery requires care and attention from time to time to retain its brilliance and shine over the years. You create everlasting moments with jewelry pieces, which are passed down through generations. Your jewelry deserves to be looked after through some mindful but simple and easy practices:

Keep Away from Chemicals

White gold diamond necklaces and other jewelry pieces are plated with rhodium to give them a moonlike glow. When in contact with harsh chemicals, this surface plating can get damaged and reveal the pale yellowness of the gold alloy underneath.

To ensure that your white gold jewelry retains its luster for a long time, store it in a box with a good seal.

Know What White Gold Is

Understanding the metals in your jewelry will help you care for these timeless pieces for a long time. White gold is an alloy made with several combinations of pure gold with silver, palladium, or nickel.

The cleaning agents you use and how you store your jewelry can change depending on the metals in your white gold jewelry. It can also be beneficial for your health and of those you love – some individuals are allergic to nickel, which is sometimes found in white gold.

Keep Away from Extreme Temperatures

Metals respond to high temperatures by conducting heat – this means they heat up quickly in high temperatures and also cool down quickly in frosty conditions. This could potentially damage your jewelry by warping it or making it too brittle.

Keep your white gold jewelry from extreme temperatures to prevent warping and gemstones from falling out.

Store Jewellery Properly

White gold jewelry must always be stored in fabric pouches or boxes lined with fabric. This is because when the metal comes in contact with other harsh surfaces, there is a risk of damage through abrasion, bending, breaking, and scratching. In a fabric-lined box, all of this can be avoided.

Each jewelry piece should have its own notch in the box to prevent it from getting tangled with other pieces and damaged.

Be Mindful When You Wear It

If you are a fan of going swimming, it may not be a good idea to wear your white gold jewelry to the pool. Swimming pools contain chlorinated water, which may react with your white gold jewelry and dull its luster and brilliance.

Similarly, when heading out to the beach, a sauna, or a hot tub, it is best to leave your white gold jewelry behind.

You must also consider removing your rings before working in the garden or doing other hands-on physical activity.

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