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The Top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Diamond Bezel Necklaces and How to Get the Look for Less

Diamonds have always been associated with beauty, wealth, and romance. They provide the ideal embellishments for pendants and necklaces that are simple to pair, adding spark and charm to any attire. There are many styles and sizes of diamond necklaces, with the diamond bezel necklace now being very popular. Let’s explore what makes the Bezel […]

The Benefits of Diamond Bezel Necklaces: A Practical and Stylish Choice

Diamonds are forever. However, rising trends favor certain cuts, shapes, and designs at different times. But some styles, like the diamond bezel necklaces, will always be in demand. The bezel setting, one of the oldest diamond settings, dates back to ancient Egypt and the Byzantine and Roman empires. Though it has vintage roots, the bezel […]

The Beauty Of Minimalism – Why Diamond Bezel Necklaces Are A Must-Have Accessoryd

There’s never saying no to diamonds. But the ones set in a bezel silhouette? Well, they’re an absolute delight for every minimal aesthete.  Whether as a pendant or an engagement ring, bezel-set diamonds never disappoint in any form. But today, let’s talk about the diamond bezel necklace – the finest concoction of elegance and style. […]