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Diamonds are forever. However, rising trends favor certain cuts, shapes, and designs at different times. But some styles, like the diamond bezel necklaces, will always be in demand.

The bezel setting, one of the oldest diamond settings, dates back to ancient Egypt and the Byzantine and Roman empires. Though it has vintage roots, the bezel setting is considered a classic and has stood the test of time. Today, lab-grown bezel diamond necklaces are also trending among conscious diamond consumers. They are creating more value for diamond lovers at attractive prices.

Let’s understand what makes diamond bezel necklaces so appealing. We also explore the diverse bezel styles and how you can be a conscious consumer of diamonds. 


What Is A Diamond Bezel Necklace?

What Is A Diamond Bezel Necklace?

A diamond bezel necklace is characterized by its pendant featuring a diamond securely enclosed within a metal ring. The timeless bezel-set diamonds have adorned jewelry pieces for centuries.

They are created to hold the diamonds firmly in place and prevent them from being lost or stolen. A bezel diamond necklace also spotlights the diamond beautifully and can be matched with the metal of your choice to create a unique design. 

Crafted to secure diamonds firmly and deter loss or theft, a bezel diamond necklace also showcases the diamond’s beauty. You can pair it with the metal of your preference, resulting in a distinctive and personalized design.

The Benefits Of A Diamond Bezel Necklace 

The Benefits Of A Diamond Bezel Necklace 

The bezel setting has thrived for centuries, and with good reason. Let’s understand the benefits of the diamond bezel necklace

They are strong and secure 

The fear of losing a diamond is a significant concern for every customer, not only due to its substantial monetary value but also for its sentimental value. However, with the bezel setting, the diamond is securely encased within a metal ring, eliminating any possibility of slipping out. This provides reassurance, so you can rest easy knowing your precious gem is well-protected.

They spotlight the diamond

The bezel setting ensures that your diamond truly stands out. The luster and clarity of the diamond is a sharp contrast to the metal encasing. This enhances the brilliance of your diamond, making it stand out even more beautifully.

The diamond appears larger 

A bezel setting is known to create an illusion of a larger diamond. This is an attractive quality for diamond lovers who want to make a statement with their diamond necklace. 

It’s a versatile choice

The versatility of your bezel diamond necklace is one of its greatest attributes, making it ideal for various occasions. From exuding a delicate charm at engagement soirées to adding class and elegance to professional settings like board meetings, it effortlessly complements every event.

Vintage meets contemporary style

Many exquisite antique pieces have a bezel setting. Combining the elegance of antique jewelry with a contemporary twist, your bezel diamond necklace balances vintage allure and modern style. This harmonious blend of old and new creates a captivating design that exudes timeless beauty.

It can hide flaws in the diamond 

A perfect cut does not a quality diamond make.

Imperfect diamonds possess a captivating ability to play with light, adorning jewelry with a natural yet luxurious appeal throughout history. Encased in a metallic bezel setting, a flawed diamond exemplifies beauty in imperfections, similar to the Japanese Wabi-Sabi concept

It’s one of the easiest settings to clean 

You only need soap, water, and a soft toothbrush to clean your necklace at home. However, while cleaning a bezel diamond necklace is simple, it is advisable to get it professionally cleaned. 

Metals Used In Diamond Bezel Necklaces 

Metals Used In Diamond Bezel Necklaces 

The bezel setting can be designed with a range of metals. Popular choices include yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold. Rose gold is an alloy made of yellow gold and copper; the price depends on the amount of gold in the alloy.

When selecting your dream diamond bezel necklace, you can encase the diamond in your favorite metal. Each look is unique and exquisite in its own way. For instance, a white gold diamond bezel necklace brings effortless elegance and a contemporary look to any ensemble. 

The metal bezel can be designed in three ways.

  1. It can be a complete ring that goes all around the diamond.
  2. It can also be a split bezel, which does not fully encircle the ring.
  3. The third style is a hybrid bezel, where you can break the rules and have the metal encase the diamond any way you like. 

Usually, the metal itself has no design on it. However, adding an inscription or other distinctive features to the metal is possible for those seeking a touch of playfulness. The beauty of the bezel lies in its complete customizability, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized piece that reflects your individual style.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamond Bezel Necklaces? 

What Are Lab-Grown Diamond Bezel Necklaces? 

Diamonds are formed naturally when carbon crystallizes under immense heat and pressure in the depths of the earth. Today, with superior technology, authentic diamonds can be created in an earth-friendly lab by simulating similar conditions.  

This process comes with several advantages:

  • The demand for lab-grown diamond bezel necklaces has especially grown because they deliver conflict-free diamonds. 
  • You can also pick and choose diamonds that have been especially handcrafted for your style, taste, and the carat size you desire. If it does not already exist, it can be specially created! 
  • The creation process consumes less energy and is conflict-free, unlike mined diamonds.  
  • Another feature is that lab-grown diamond bezel necklaces are less expensive. So, you can get a larger-sized, high-quality diamond at an attractive price.
  • Your lab-grown diamond is accompanied by an authentic diamond certificate, which mentions your diamond’s quality and origin.

By buying lab-grown diamonds, you can enjoy these timeline gems with a guilt-free conscious. Besides, they look just as great. 

Wrapping Up

Diamond bezel necklaces represent timeless style. They have been around for centuries, and for good reason. The diamond remains secure and safe, shining even brighter against a metal ring. 

Your bezel diamond necklace is a versatile choice for your entire day; it can elevate your entire day, allowing you to shine at a gala event or in the office setting.

Today, you can discover a wide range of diamond necklace designs in the bezel setting, ring, and diamond of your choice. Check the full spectrum of bezel diamond necklaces at La Joya.

FAQs on Diamond Bezel Necklace

Q1. What is a diamond bezel necklace? 

diamond bezel necklace is a necklace where the diamond pendant has a bezel setting. The diamond is set in a metal ring instead of prongs. This setting ensures that the diamond is fixed securely. It’s one of the oldest settings for diamonds.

Q2. Will a diamond bezel necklace suit my style?

A bezel-set diamond necklace is versatile and can be used for many occasions. The bezel setting comes in a metal of choice, and the diamond size can be tailored to your taste and budget. So, you can choose a mix that is perfect for your lifestyle and fashion aesthetic.  

Q3. Can I buy a 1-carat bezel diamond necklace?

Yes, absolutely. When purchasing diamond jewelry online, you can choose the metal, the size of the chain, and the carat. You can select the 1-carat bezel diamond necklace option. 

Q4. Are there different types of diamond bezel necklaces?

The bezel comes in many versatile styles. For instance, you can have a full bezel, a half-bezel, or a hybrid bezel. Choose the bezel setting based on your aesthetic sense. 

Q5. What chain length would complement a diamond bezel necklace?

The length can vary based on your style and comfort levels. On average, the ideal length ranges between 16 and 20 inches. This length lets the diamond sit closer to your collarbone and draw attention. 

What metal can I use for the bezel? 

You can choose four metals – yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold. 

Q6. Can I wear a bezel diamond necklace every day?

Absolutely. The bezel setting is one of the most secure settings. The diamond remains safely ensconced in the pendant. This style is perfect for activewear and easily blends in for any number of occasions. 

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