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Diamond circle necklaces are that story you’ll wear proudly as you watch it unfold its surreal narrative every time you walk into a room. With the diamonds skillfully arranged in a circle symbolizing infinity yet totality, it’ll be like wearing your heart not on your sleeve but on your neck.

Whether it’s for the cuddly baby that’s just been born, the elegant elder booming with wisdom, or anyone in between, diamond circle necklaces are the perfect gift. Epitomizing class, sophistication, and beauty with these necklaces, you can never go wrong. 

The Timelessness Of Diamond Circle Necklaces

The Timelessness Of Diamond Circle Necklaces


The circular form of a diamond circle necklace has many meanings. One of the deepest ones is the circle of life — birth, survival, and death.

It’s philosophical and spiritual. It makes the wearer feel aware of the next phase in life and accepting of the one they are in currently. 


A diamond circle necklace is not too much or too little. It’s the perfect level of bling. It can be worn with all kinds of clothing and on every occasion. It’s not too contemporary; it’s not antique. This makes it suitable for anyone.


The diamond circle necklaces never go out of trend. They will always be in vogue, making them the ideal heirlooms. And because they are made from diamonds, they’re always going to shine! Diamonds really are forever.

The Top Three Types Of Diamond Circle Necklaces Perfect For All Age Groups

The Top Three Types Of Diamond Circle Necklaces Perfect For All Age Groups

Designers across the globe have let their imaginations run wild when it comes to diamond circle necklaces. But we’ve handpicked a few styles that you can always go for and are bestsellers. 

1. Graduating Diamond Circle Necklace

Graduating diamonds crafted in a perfect circle shimmering on you. Now close your eyes and imagine that. This kind of diamond circle necklace is a slight variation from the classic one but asserts the symbolism of the circle of life quite beautifully. The rim of the pendant goes from thick to thin, stating what goes around comes around. 

2. Interlocking Diamond Circle Necklace

Another enchanting variation to the classic diamond circle necklace, this one has two interlocking circles woven interestingly into each other. It could have round-cut or baguette-shaped diamonds throughout the circles or in parts of it. Its luxurious design brings out plenty of sparkle and is subtle at the same time. 

3. Classic Diamond Circle Necklace

You can never go wrong with a timeless classic diamond circle necklace. It is a compliment that complements anything. The best part? The diamonds in the necklace will ensure that this piece of jewelry will never go out of style.

Easy Tips To Wear Diamond Circle Necklaces The Right Way

Easy Tips To Wear Diamond Circle Necklaces The Right Way

Here are some tips for wearing the necklace in suave ways that are uber-easy to follow but can elevate your entire look. 

  • Layer your necklace with one or more necklaces of different lengths. To keep the diamond circle necklace as the centerpiece, you can avoid charms or pendants in the other necklace(s). 
  • Enhance its appeal with a V-neck dress, shirt, or top. If you are wearing a round neck, you prefer a darker color that sets the perfect backdrop for the necklace.
  • When wearing a diamond circle necklace, go easy on other jewelry pieces. You could go for stud earrings or skip them entirely. You could wear delicate bracelets or watches or choose just a ring instead. This allows for the spotlight to remain on the necklace and makes you look graceful. 

FAQs about Diamond Circle Necklace

1. What does the diamond circle necklace mean? 

A diamond circle necklace could stand for a lot of things. The circle could symbolize the circle of life, totality, wholeness, infinity, or eternal love. It may hold a different meaning for everyone.

2. What is the warranty and returns policy offered on diamond circle necklaces?

La Joya offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects and a lifetime complimentary prong tightening and cleaning. You can also get a 40% off on reordering a lost item, no questions asked.

The return policy offered on diamond circle necklaces is also customer-centric. You can return the necklace within 30 days from the date of shipping, free of cost.

3. Are lab-grown diamond circle necklaces ethical and real?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are real with the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. They are better than natural diamonds because they do not disturb large amounts of earth that happen in the mining process. They are safely manufactured in a lab, are cruelty-free, and offer the same sparkle and scintillation.

4. What are the different diamond shapes available for diamond circle necklaces? 

You can buy a diamond circle necklace in a variety of cuts. As the pendant is circular, they’d look best in round and oval cuts. However, some would like to experiment with baguette, marquise, or trilliant cuts too. 

5. How to care for diamond circle necklaces?

Remember to take off your diamond circle necklace while showering, swimming, or playing sports. Don’t expose it to chemicals, harsh soaps, or extreme weather conditions.

You can wipe it with a soft cloth now and then or dip it in extremely diluted dish soap for better cleaning. You can also send your diamond circle necklaces to La Joya for a free yearly cleaning and inspection for professional services.

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