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We all love silver-screen fashion. But some celebrity looks are so mesmerizing they stay with you. Well, the ones created with a diamond heart pendant belong to that very league.A beautiful harmony of class and regality, this jewelry piece makes for an effortless style essential. But only if we could style it like a celebrity!  

Well, now you can! Read this blog as we take you through five of the top diamond heart pendant designs and unfold some of the best-kept secrets of styling them for less. Let’s start!


Different Types of Diamond Heart Pendants

Different Types of Diamond Heart Pendants

Diamond heart pendants are available in an impressive range of designs. Probably, this is why this jewelry staple is a celebrity favorite.

So, let’s check out some of the most popular diamond heart pendant motifs before finally unveiling their styling tips;

Classic Diamond Heart Pendant

Simplicity never goes out of style, and this diamond heart pendant design is a testament to that. Circled by a heart of lustrous diamonds, this one is a classic.

The dainty pendant dangles from a thin silver chain that adds just the right touch of luxury to it. Neither too extravagant nor too modest, this design is a celebrity wardrobe essential for all the right reasons.

Intertwined Diamond Hearts Pendant

What’s better than a one-heart diamond pendant? You guessed it right – a two-heart diamond pendant!

A beautiful blend of ease and sophistication, this design with a handful of diamonds at the bottom is a cult favorite. Whether you want something to sport every day or are looking for an exquisite showstopper for your date night dress, this celeb-certified silver diamond heart pendant complements it all. 

Solitaire Diamond Heart Pendant

This solitaire diamond heart pendant defines class. A perfect pick for women who like to keep it simple and sober, this pendant design embodies elegance in a strand.

If you do not like too much glitz and gloss, this petite heart pendant with a tiny solitaire in the center is what you need to finish all your looks. Made of premium quality 925 silver, this is yet another celeb hot favorite.

Double-Diamond Heart Pendant

The double-diamond heart pendant is a gorgeous rendition of the two-heart diamond pendant design. A silver heart enveloping a teensy diamond heart, this design is chic and glam.

It beautifully brings together the touch of minimalism and maximalism in a single jewelry piece. If you fancy accessories that exude timeless beauty, then this is the design of your dreams.

Diamond Heart Cross Pendant

Drawing inspiration from the Catholic Cross symbol, this diamond heart pendant design is the most unique of all. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of divine faith with eternal love.

Made of silver and sparkling lab-grown diamonds, it makes for a fantastic token of love or heirloom to pass on to your dear ones. And, of course, celebrities love it too – take Jennifer Anniston, for instance.

How to Style a Diamond Heart Pendant Like a Celeb for Less?

How to Style a Diamond Heart Pendant Like a Celeb for Less

We’re often taken aback by how celebrities manage to pull off a full-on modish look with nothing but the bare minimum – like a diamond heart pendant. But the secret’s finally out!

Here are the five main jewelry and styling tips you need to follow to achieve the same:

Keep It Minimal

The trick to acing that “easy breezy” celebrity-like diamond heart pendant look is keeping it minimal. Do not overdo with the accessories or go all out with the attire.

Play it cool – let the simplicity do the talking.

Invest in Quality

Often, we get too consumed with the look to pay attention to the finer details. But that’s where the devil lies. So, when buying a diamond heart pendant, make quality your priority.Look for premium lab-grown diamonds, superior metal quality, and precise finishing. It’s the details that make or break the look.

Diamond Setting Matters

A diamond heart pendant is available in a sea of options – which is why you need to be meticulous with your pick. Most of all, pay close attention to the diamond’s setting.

While a bezel setting might make the gemstone appear bigger, it may not flatter a heart-shaped design. So, go for simple diamond settings for maximum elegance.

Play the Layering Game

One of the best ways to style a diamond heart pendant like a celebrity is to layer it with other jewelry pieces.

Want a casual chic look? Pair the pendant with a choker.

Going out for a party? Wear a thin chain necklace with the pendant. Really, the sky is the only limit.

Choose the Right Metal

Another simple but solid tip! When shopping for a diamond heart pendant, choose a metal quality that suits you.

Ideally, silver is the safest option as it best complements the design. But you can also go for other premium-quality metals like gold or platinum. 

Wrapping Up

Celebrities adore diamond heart pendants, and it’s no surprise why. Oozing of elegance and suavity, this jewelry piece is a wardrobe essential for all. In this blog, we discussed how you can mimic a celebrity-style diamond heart pendant look for less. Now, let’s get you shopping. Check out La Joya, browse our top-quality, lab-grown diamond jewelry collection, and shop for diamond heart pendants now.

Some Common FAQs about Diamond Heart Pendant

Q. What does a diamond heart pendant symbolize?

Ans. A diamond heart pendant is full of positive symbolism. In essence, it stands for love, commitment, and admiration. It symbolizes timeless romance and affection, thus popular as an emblem of eternal love.

Q. What to look for in a diamond heart pendant?

Ans. When shopping for a diamond heart pendant, analyze the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat. Apart from these, check the quality and purity of the chain’s metal and go for the one that suits you the best.

Q. How many carats should a diamond heart pendant be?

Ans. The choice of the carat size is subjective. However, a diamond heart pendant should ideally weigh at least 0.10 carats or more. 

Q. Can I wear a diamond heart pendant every day?

Ans. Yes, you can wear a diamond heart pendant every day. It’s a super versatile piece of jewelry and blends perfectly with all kinds of styles – casual, formal, or party.

Q. How to care for a diamond heart pendant?

Ans. To make sure your diamond heart pendant doesn’t lose its charm, clean it regularly with a soft brush and mild soapy water. Also, store it separately to prevent accidental scratching from other jewelry pieces. 

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