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Gold and diamonds are two of the most valuable pieces of jewelry, worn and coveted over the ages by kings and queens and jewelry aficionados alike. The yellow gold diamond necklace, in particular, is growing in popularity today. 

This versatile piece of jewelry can be worn for a wide range of occasions. It is just as easily suitable for daily wear as it is for a formal occasion. It comes in a wide range of contemporary and ornate designs. 

Yellow gold also continues to appreciate its value every day. So, buying yourself a yellow gold diamond necklace not only adds style and glamour to any ensemble, but its value also keeps growing with time. 

Here are eight reasons why a yellow gold diamond necklace is a versatile ornament suited for multiple occasions and must be a part of your jewelry collection.  


What Is Yellow Gold?

What Is Yellow Gold

Yellow is an alloy of gold. Pure gold is a soft metal that is prone to scratches and other types of wear and tear. To make it sturdier, gold is mixed with sturdier metals such as zinc, silver, and copper.

This combination gives it a brighter, warmer yellow shade instead of the brassy yellow of pure gold. 

Yellow gold is the most popular alloy of gold, and it has been around longer than white gold or rose gold. The best part about yellow gold is that it has a beautiful shine and is low on maintenance as compared to pure gold. 

What Is A Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace? 

The yellow gold diamond necklace is one of the most popular combinations that brings together yellow gold and diamonds in a variety of ways.

For instance, a yellow gold chain can be paired with a diamond solitaire. Alternatively, the chain can be encrusted with diamonds. For a more formal occasion, you can opt for a collar-style necklace, which is much more ornate and has more than one diamond and chain.

As we can see, the yellow gold diamond necklace comes in many designs, styles, and price ranges. Hence, it is a versatile piece of jewelry that can blend with your lifestyle needs. 

8 Reasons Why Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces Are Versatile  

8 Reasons Why Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces Are Versatile

A yellow gold diamond necklace comes in many designs and styles, making it an eclectic choice for consumers with diverse tastes. Here are some factors that make it so versatile:

Yellow Resembles Pure Gold  

Gold continues to be a top choice for jewelry across the world. However, many consumers want an alloy that has the look and feel of gold.

Yellow gold not only resembles real gold, it is made of pure gold. This is an attractive quality for many buyers.   

Sturdier than Pure Gold

Pure gold tends to be soft and, hence, is prone to scratches and corrosion. The presence of stronger metals like zinc and copper strengthens the gold content, making it resistant to corrosion. 

With yellow gold, you can invest less time, effort, and resources in maintenance. You can also wear your yellow gold diamond necklace as often as you like.  

Makes A Statement  

When diamonds are paired with yellow, it adds a glamorous dimension to the entire piece. A yellow gold diamond necklace is both a conversation starter and a showstopper. 

But it can also represent understated elegance. Either way, your necklace will stand out because of the presence of diamonds. 

Versatile Diamond Settings 

The diamonds can be mixed and matched in multiple ways based on your taste, lifestyle, and budget. For instance, diamonds come in many shapes, cuts, and colors. You can go for a solitaire or more and one diamond. 

The diamonds can be connected to your yellow gold chain in multiple ways. For instance, a floating necklace with multiple rungs has tiny diamonds directly attached to a necklace.

Wide Range of Chain Designs

Your yellow gold chain comes in many designs – from a single yellow gold chain suspended down the neckline to an ornate collar style. The length of the chain can vary, going over 55 cm, to a choker, which encircles the neckline.    

Wide Range of Pendant Designs 

If you want to wear a yellow gold chain with a diamond pendant, then look up a mix of contemporary and classic styles. For instance, the solitaire and bezel yellow gold diamond necklace are classics that never go out of style. 

You can also go for popular shapes that are attached to their meaning. For instance, a cross can have a spiritual significance, while a heart can symbolize love. However, both can be used for their aesthetic appeal.       

Suitable for Everyday Wear

Your yellow gold diamond necklace can be perfect for daily wear. It adds a touch of class to your ensemble, no matter what profession you belong to. 

Go for a fuss-free design that can have you flying from the office to a lunch meeting. For instance, the yellow gold bezel holds a diamond securely in your diamond necklace of yellow gold. 

Suitable for Formal Occasions

If you are looking for ornate jewelry for a dressier occasion such as a gala or wedding, then your diamond and yellow gold necklace is the perfect fit.

The luster of the gold and the shine of diamonds are a powerful combination for a night out. Also, there is no dearth of ornate, glamorous designs. 

How to Choose a Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

How to Choose a Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a yellow gold diamond necklace:  

Your Budget 

Deciding the budget for a purchase is a great first step. The costs will depend on two factors:

  • One, the carat measure of your white gold. For instance, a 10k yellow gold diamond necklace will cost more than an 18k yellow gold diamond necklace. 
  • Two, the size, cut, color, and clarity of diamonds also determine the price of the necklace. 

The Purpose   

Yellow gold diamond necklaces come in a wide range of designs and styles. It can be overwhelming with so many choices. Another way to narrow it down is based on the occasion you intend to wear your necklace. 

For instance, a solitaire yellow gold diamond necklace is a good option for daily wear. On the other hand, a choker is preferable for a dressy occasion. 

Benefits Of Custom-Crafted Diamonds  

Benefits Of Custom Crafted Diamonds

When purchasing your yellow gold diamond necklace, you can also consider going for custom-crafted diamonds inside of mined diamonds. Custom-crafted diamonds are crafted inside a laboratory, a process that mimics the natural creation of diamonds.

This is an eco-friendly, humane alternative, which also gives you more control over the color, cut, and clarity of your dream diamonds. Custom-crafted diamonds look equally glamorous, and they can be created as per the design and style you have in mind. 

Wrapping Up

A yellow gold diamond necklace is a timeless staple in any jewelry collection. It adds glamour to your style, and its value continues to appreciate over time. 

A yellow gold diamond necklace is also suited to all skin types. It comes in a wide range of designs, giving you many choices based on your lifestyle, and it can blend into everyday wear or be a showstopper at a glamorous event. 

Today, you can discover a wide range of contemporary and traditional yellow gold diamond necklaces at La Joya.

FAQs about Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces

1. What is yellow gold? 

Yellow gold is an alloy of gold. It is a mixture of pure gold with metals like zinc, silver, and copper. It is sturdier and stronger than pure gold and can be turned into ornate, intricate designs.  

2. Is yellow gold made of real gold? 

Yes, yellow gold is made of pure gold, and the gold content is measured in karats. For instance, a 10k yellow gold diamond necklace has 41% gold, while 18K has 75% gold. 

3. What is a diamond and yellow gold necklace?  

This is a necklace made of yellow gold and diamonds. These two pieces of jewelry can come together in diverse ways based on a consumer’s taste, style, and budget. 

4. Why are yellow gold diamond necklaces so versatile? 

Both yellow gold and diamonds can be mixed and matched in jewelry in multiple ways. The chain length and design can vary. The diamonds can be encrusted on the yellow gold directly or as a pendant.

The gold content can vary, while the diamond can be cut and shaped in diverse ways. These features make a yellow gold diamond necklace extremely versatile. 

5. Are my yellow gold diamond necklaces suited for daily wear?

Yes, there are many yellow gold diamond necklace designs suited for daily wear. For instance, you can go for fewer diamonds or just one diamond and a gold chain of the length you desire. 

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