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8 Reasons Why Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces Are Versatile for Different Occasions

Gold and diamonds are two of the most valuable pieces of jewelry, worn and coveted over the ages by kings and queens and jewelry aficionados alike. The yellow gold diamond necklace, in particular, is growing in popularity today.  This versatile piece of jewelry can be worn for a wide range of occasions. It is just as […]

Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces: A Perfect Gift For Any Age Or Occasion

Choosing the perfect gift for a loved one is never easy. We want something that’s beautiful, useful, long-lasting, and, of course, a reflection of our feelings for them. However, it’s always tough to land something that’s all these things.  But not anymore. With a yellow gold diamond necklace, pamper your dear ones with nothing but […]

Why Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces Are Perfect for Vintage-Inspired Looks

In a constantly changing world, a touch of vintage in anything feels like a privilege. But while you cannot manifest it everywhere, fashion is one facet of life where reliving the vintage era, even in modern times, is possible.  Timeless, elegant, and quaint – yellow gold diamond jewelry perfectly encapsulates the essence of retro glam. […]

10 Classic Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces That Never Go Out of Style

Yellow gold is a more traditional choice of metals for jewelry, known for its rich, luminous appearance and strength. It is usually made up of pure gold mixed with other metals to combine durability with a targeted color tone. Pure 24-karat gold is not well-suited for making everyday jewelry because it is too soft. Pure […]