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Yellow gold is a more traditional choice of metals for jewelry, known for its rich, luminous appearance and strength. It is usually made up of pure gold mixed with other metals to combine durability with a targeted color tone.

Pure 24-karat gold is not well-suited for making everyday jewelry because it is too soft. Pure gold, which is naturally yellow, is blended with other white metals to get a lower-karat gold. This results in a softer, creamier, and mellow yellow as compared to the brassy color of 24-karat gold. 

Yellow gold jewelry has been used from early history, such as the headdresses and collars worn by Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman emperors, and royalty across the world. Yellow gold was once associated with traditional and classic styles of bridal jewelry.

Its timeless style has been associated with wealth and regality. However, yellow gold has made a substantial return amongst jewelry trends, not just in engagement and wedding rings but also in necklaces. 

And why not? Yellow gold is a great metal for diamond necklaces since its warm color contrasts the diamond, making it look brighter and whiter. Unlike white metals like white gold and platinum, which make the diamond appear more subdued, warm colors like yellow gold accentuate the diamond pendant’s brilliance.

Here are 10 classic yellow-gold diamond necklaces that will never go out of style. 


1. Yellow Gold Marquise Diamond Solitaire Necklace

A marquise cut is considered to exude classic beauty: it combines the sleek curves of a round or oval cut with two points that accentuate the curves. Although this diamond cut has been described as football-shaped, this does not capture its elegance.

This cut results in diamonds with broad crown surface area, making them appear larger than their actual size, which can also have the effect of making the wearer’s neck look more slender. A marquise solitaire diamond appears to float and sparkles on a 14-karat gold-chain necklace.

The feminine shape of the marquis diamond complements the warm, mellow elegance of the necklace, and the marquis cut shines in splendid solitude. 

2. Yellow Gold Diamond Leaf Pendant Necklace

This delicate design is ideal for everyday wear and features a brilliant leaf pendant encircled by smaller 0.10ct diamonds, emphasized by the 14K yellow gold. The tiny diamonds surrounding it contribute to its brilliant appearance.

While it’s charming on its own, it can be used to layer other jewelry. This pendant is great for a lighter contemporary aesthetic as compared to more classic styles like a solitaire heart pendant

3. Petite Bezel Diamond Solitaire Necklace

A bezel setting is a metal setting that encircles or frames a gemstone. In this elegant necklace, a bezel setting wraps around a small diamond solitaire necklace, fastening it.

The tiny solitaire diamond exudes its timeless appeal with a glittering round diamond and a shimmering 18-karat gold chain. The round cut brings out its stunning brilliance since it maximizes light reflection. This classic design is well-suited for a sophisticated outfit.  

4. Yellow Gold Necklace with a Princess-Cut Pendant

The princess cut brings a contemporary and trendy style. Princess-cut diamonds appear square from the face-up but are shaped like inverted pyramids.

While they may not sparkle as much as round diamonds, their complex, edgy look is eye-catching. A shimmering 14-karat yellow gold necklace can create a more modern aesthetic when combined with a chic princess-cut diamond pendant. 

5. Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace 

A dainty solid gold necklace can add a minimalist element to the glamor of a diamond pavé. A bar diamond pendant makes for a sleek yet shimmery look.

A diamond pavé comprises multiple tiny diamonds closely set together, resulting in a subtle flash of brilliance. The simplicity of the bar diamond combines with the ethereal glitter of the diamond pavé to produce a luxurious yet contemporary style.

6. Layered Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace 

A layered yellow-gold necklace with diamond pendants can never go out of style.

Combining one round and one princess-cut diamond brings together the brilliance of the round cut with the chic sophistication of the princess cut. While the yellow gold brings a more traditional aesthetic, the necklace style evokes a modern look. 

7. Yellow Gold Diamond Y-Necklace

A diamond Y-necklace is stunning, whether on its own or layered with other necklaces. With bezel-set diamonds cascading down a petite chain, it makes for an eye-catching yet elegant appearance.

It’s the perfect necklace for dressing up or keeping it minimal. Whether it’s a low-neck dress or a high-neck top, this necklace adds a touch of sophistication. The yellow gold complements this elegance with its warm and mellow tone. 

8. Yellow Gold Spherical Diamond Pendant Necklace

A 14-karat heirloom-quality yellow gold necklace with a small spherical pendant studded with pavé diamonds makes for a stunning look. The necklace is a great way to keep things simple yet sparkly.

While the pavé diamonds bring in the glitter quotient, the small spherical shape keeps it simple. With its smooth, rounded, polished surface, the spherical diamond pendant brings a feminine aesthetic that is complemented by the yellow gold.

9. Yellow Gold Necklace with a Cross Pendant

A yellow gold necklace goes well with a cross pendant. While the cross pendant represents faith and devotion, this traditional aesthetic is elucidated by the reverence of yellow gold.

A cross pendant’s timeless elegance is elevated with a yellow-gold chain. This necklace can be captivating and serve as a reminder of spirituality while also making for a casual fashion statement. 

10. Yellow Gold Drop Diamond Pendant Necklace

A glimmering 18-carat yellow gold necklace with a drop diamond pendant is glamorous yet elegant. It features shimmery white diamonds dropping down one below the other.

This ensures the diamonds are accentuated. While the drop diamond pendant catches the eye, the yellow gold backdrops it with its subtle tone. 

Wrapping Up 

The yellow gold diamond necklace exudes classic beauty but also shines in modern styles. Whether it’s 14-carat or 18-carat, a marquis diamond or a bar pendant, these yellow gold diamond necklace styles continue to be relevant and elegant. Head to La Joya to view our range of yellow-gold diamond necklaces with diverse pendants and styles.   

FAQs about Yellow Gold Diamond Necklaces

1. What kinds of diamond pendants go well with yellow-gold necklaces?

Various diamond pendants go well with yellow-gold necklaces. These include a diamond solitaire pendant, a diamond drop pendant, and a diamond bar pendant.

2. How many carats should a yellow gold necklace be?

This depends on the kind of necklace you are looking for. 18K yellow gold necklaces usually are a deeper yellow than 14K and are the more traditional option. 14K offers more durability and is ideal for daily use. 

3. How to maintain yellow gold necklaces?

To keep yellow-gold necklaces bright and lustrous, you can follow certain simple measures. These include removing your jewelry before showering, wiping it down to restore shine, and storing it in a cloth-lined box.

4. Which diamond shapes go best with yellow-gold necklaces?

Several diamond shapes go well with yellow gold necklaces, including emerald, cushion, heart, round, spherical, marquis, and princess-cut. Ultimately, it depends on the style of the necklace as well as the aesthetic look you are interested in. 

5. Which is better for a diamond necklace: yellow gold or rose gold?

Depending on the fashion aesthetic you are looking for, as well as your skin tone, you can determine whether you want a yellow gold or rose gold diamond necklace.

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