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  • Wedding ring is a diamond-encrusted or plain metal band exchanged during the wedding ceremony. It indicates that the wearer is married. 
  • During marriage, wedding rings were exchanged in ancient Rome. However, today the practice has become prevalent, and every culture uses a wedding ring when tying the knot. 
  • A wedding ring is made up of precious metals that symbolise love and commitment between the couple. 

A finger ring symbolizes multiple things, depicting promise, love, or fashion. However, its significance goes beyond visual appeal. From a practical point of view, finger rings serve as a rational accessory, but from an emotional standpoint, they can reminisce one of a special person or moment in one’s life. In some cultures, it even illustrates religious union or social stature. While the essence of finger rings varies from one individual to another, there is no denying their importance in both sentimental and societal contexts. 

Through this blog post, we will discuss the history of wedding rings and how they are worn today.


History of Wedding Rings

History of Wedding Rings

Dating back to ancient times, wedding rings have had a long and storied history. The Greeks and Romans believed that wedding rings represented love and commitment, while the Egyptians saw the ring’s circular shape as something that represented eternity. Wedding rings were considered more elaborate and ornate during the Renaissance, while they held romantic meanings in medieval Europe.

In many cultures, wedding rings are worn on the left hand’s fourth finger, as it is believed that a vein in that finger is directly connected to the heart. The tradition dates back to ancient Egypt. Today, wedding rings are designed in myriad styles and materials, from diamond-studded bands to intricate gold masterpieces. Despite the changes in the design, the one thing that remains constant is its powerful symbol of love and commitment between a couple.

For centuries wedding rings have held romantic and sentimental importance. In ancient times, they were manufactured with animal hides or woven grass. However, with time, they became more precious and meaningful. Wedding rings have been an emblem of affection and companionship. 

Ancient wedding rings were carved from woven grass or animal skins. As of today, you will find wedding rings made from refined materials such as gold, diamond, and platinum adorned with other gemstones. Typically exchanged during the wedding ceremony, wedding rings signify a couple’s commitment.

Despite their modern-day importance, wedding rings have always had a deeper meaning attached to them. They have been a timeless symbol of love and eternity, from Egypt to Europe, cherished by couples all across the globe.

When are Wedding Rings Given?

When are Wedding Rings given

Typically given during the wedding ceremony, wedding rings symbolize the couple’s commitment to each other when they exchange their vows. The bride and groom exchange wedding rings and pledge to spend their lives together. Friends and family members also participate in the ring exchange ceremony. After the rings have been exchanged, it serves as a constant reminder of love for the couple for years to come. 

How Wedding Rings are Worn Today?

How Wedding Rings are Worn Today?

There is a traditional belief that a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand is directly connected to the heart, so both partners traditionally wear wedding rings on that finger. However, this exercise has progressed. Today, couples wear rings on different fingers or as a chain around their necks. 

Some also choose non-traditional elements, such as silicone or rubber, over traditional gold or diamond ones. Eventually, it’s a subjective choice as to how the couple wants to wear their wedding ring. While it reflects their unique relationship and style, it holds the same significance no matter how worn. 

History of the Ring Finger

History of the Ring Finger

The ring finger, also called the “vena amoris,” was believed to be directly connected to the heart during ancient times, making it a perfect place to wear wedding rings. However, not until the second century AD was it prevalent in Europe for partners to don wedding rings on the ring finger. With time, this practice spread to other parts of the world. 

In some cultures, such as India, wedding rings are worn on the right hand as the left hand is deemed unlucky. In the Jewish tradition, you will not find a diamond engagement ring. They use a plain gold band instead. 

The ring finger, however, is a meaningful emblem in many beliefs and cultures today, signifying the glorious bond of love and devotion between two partners. Wearing rings on this finger holds sentimental value for intimate adornment, engagements, or weddings. 

Where Should a Ring be Worn on your Fingers?

Where should a ring be worn on your Fingers?

The ring finger is the most common finger to wear a ring. However, depending on your personal or cultural preferences, you may also wear it on different fingers. Some people wear a ring on their index finger or thumb as a fashion statement. In contrast, others wear it on their pinky or middle fingers for practical reasons. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual how they want to wear a ring. 

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The Bottom Line

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FAQS on Wedding Ring

Is it OK to wear a wedding ring on the right hand?

Yes. Wearing a wedding ring on the right hand is prevalent in many cultures. Also, in countries like South American and Eastern European, people wear wedding rings on the right hand. Many people simply wear it on their right hands as it is more convenient.

What does the wedding ring on the right hand mean?

Wearing a wedding ring on the right-hand does not change its meaning. It still holds the same significance despite where you choose to wear it. In Russian and Greek traditions, wedding rings are worn on the right hand instead of the left.

How do you know if your ring finger is the correct size for a wedding ring? 

Here’s how you can check it. 

1. Wrap a piece of paper or string around the base of your finger. 

2. Mark where it coincides. 

3. Measure the length of the marked section. 

4. Compare the measurement with the ring size chart.

Is it okay to wear rings on my ring finger if I am not engaged or married?

You may wear it, but traditionally, ring fingers are meant for engagement and marriage rings. While many wear rings on the ring finger noting a fashion statement, others wear them for a sentimental aspect.


  • The wedding ring is an eternal symbol of love and compassion between partners. As per tradition, wedding rings are worn on the left hand’s fourth finger, but many variations exist today. 
  • The Egyptians believed wedding rings to symbolize eternity, while the Greeks and Romans saw them as a romantic gesture. 
  • Ancient wedding rings were carved from animal skins, while today, they are made from precious elements like gold and diamond. 
  • In many beliefs, such as in India, the left hand is considered unlucky. Hence, rings are worn on the right hand. 
  • Many people wear wedding rings on their right hand on a different finger, while others wear the ring around the neck as a necklace. Ultimately, its significance lies in the bond and not the placement.

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